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T-shirt Color: Black

Made of 100% Cotton

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Fight Life Clothing

Fight Life Clothing was created out of my passion and enthusiasm for boxing and Muay Thai. Growing up I always found the art of boxing both interesting and exciting but despite my interest in the sport I never really took it seriously due to my inability to walk. It was in 2018 that I had the opportunity to train and begin my journey into the world of boxing with a Muay Thai influence, and it has had such a positive impact on my life.

The creative concepts expressed in Fight Life Clothing aim to express my love for the Filipino culture while showcasing the power and beauty of being a fighter both in and out of the ring. The truth is that life is hard. Each one of us go through our own unique struggles day in and day out. Regardless of what you're facing in your life, giving up is never the answer.

The goal of Fight Life Clothing is to spread physical and mental empowerment through visual creative concepts that open people's minds and hearts to the deeper meaning within the art of boxing and similar disciplines. Fighting is often thought as harmful or negative, but the reality is the answer to that question always lies within the heart of the fighter.

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